When memories return you will finally be able to see the light. When the truth is brought out then begins the fight. Happiness is one for all. For that single star that begins to fall. Many changes will occur, just like a blur.

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So I had been thinking about doing a little giveaway for a while and since I was reaching the 1000th follower mark I decided then would be a good time to hold one. WELL THE TIME HAS COME.

As a thanks for helping me reach this milestone I will be awarding someone with a full color picture like the one below!



( Optional simple BG )

Now down to some important rules.

  • You must be a follower
  • You must have been following me PRIOR to this post ( July 28, 2014) I will be checking.
  • Pokemon blogs ONLY (ask or rp )
  • Only reblogs count (1 reblog per person)
  • You are allowed to reblog it onto a mod blog so long as you mention who you are

The giveaway ends August 10th!

Once again thank you very much! I wish all those who participate the best of luck! 

sorry;;;; ill get back to drawing



omg i missed THIS HHH THANK YOU

Amber: Don’t think I’m thankful that you found my lantern you stupid Delphox. 

Amber: It might not even come true because you touched it.. -grumbles-

Salina puts up her paws as words form in front of Amber’s eyes

»Oh. I’m sure it will.«

Amber: ! J-Just go find your lantern you show off!

Salina moves her paws again and a new message appears

»I don’t need to.. my wish has already come true.»

Ray: Jack…

Jack: Well.. sure, I’ve read your wish and I hope it comes true..

Ray: But?


and i’m done

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