When memories return you will finally be able to see the light. When the truth is brought out then begins the fight. Happiness is one for all. For that single star that begins to fall. Many changes will occur, just like a blur.

Blog is Nsfw in terms of Blood/Lang

Anonymous: Ambe and Ray

pls stop sending me ships its too late now

It might be because of school starting, but it seems like ever since the foxforestfestival, blogs have pretty much gone on hiatus. 


Idk how I feel about that tbh

>comes on tumblr



40/600 complete 

40/600 complete 


HOLY- I just realized I can send asks again wow. 

Since I’m done with the fff

Flare/Amber/Jack/Hanako/Ray/Phaze are available 

If you want an ask from me just specify who?



Man, that painting up there is awesome. I really hope this isn’t too OOC of Cindy!! I had a lot of fun painting her uvu flareandco

i loved drawing the lopunny. dood. lopunnies are just… so fun to draw. i actually wanted to draw the entire body but i was running out of room on my canvas ;3; askshinyimbree

LOL I’VE NEVER DRAWN A PENGUIN BEFORE—actually came out better than expected askprofpiplup

ANYWHO Y’ALL PROLLY DON’T WANNA HEAR MY COMMENTARY, BUT THANKS TO ALL THAT PARTICIPATED!! <3333 I’m almost at 300 now! golly gee!! I love all of you and I wish y’all luck in the next giveaway~~!

Hhhh!! Thank you!!