When memories return you will finally be able to see the light. When the truth is brought out then begins the fight. Happiness is one for all. For that single star that begins to fall. Many changes will occur, just like a blur.

Blog is Nsfw in terms of Blood/Lang



Man, that painting up there is awesome. I really hope this isn’t too OOC of Cindy!! I had a lot of fun painting her uvu flareandco

i loved drawing the lopunny. dood. lopunnies are just… so fun to draw. i actually wanted to draw the entire body but i was running out of room on my canvas ;3; askshinyimbree

LOL I’VE NEVER DRAWN A PENGUIN BEFORE—actually came out better than expected askprofpiplup

ANYWHO Y’ALL PROLLY DON’T WANNA HEAR MY COMMENTARY, BUT THANKS TO ALL THAT PARTICIPATED!! <3333 I’m almost at 300 now! golly gee!! I love all of you and I wish y’all luck in the next giveaway~~!

Hhhh!! Thank you!!

WHOOPs i was animating again, i think ill show you guys a preview of it tomorrow

i feel like making refs for the blogs that i kinda ditched

i love all those characters


Cindy: This means less work for me! Maybe it isn’t half bad!

askuxie: Yuki: Hey, yo, Anon. Not cool, brother. Tepig are probably the coolest fire types out there! Trust me.. I've been around a LOT of Legendaries and none of them is as cool looking as a fire pig. Are YOU a fire pig, Anon? No? Shuddup.


Flare:.. Er…! Thank you Mr.Uxie!

Flare: I.. think I have for a while now. Although I’m not sure what to do about these feelings…. They might get in the way of training. 

Free Pass: Character will answer anything truthfully, but will forget the conversation afterwards. 

Andd updated these 2 refs

Charles: It’s kind of hard to explain! So hmmm..

Since he was born with white pupils……  Wait, no.

..Basically when he glows from these yellow stripes that appear on his body, it gives him the urge to “protect” something. 

In this case his power sort of uh.. wanted to protect the forest so it led us to this weird place!