When memories return you will finally be able to see the light. When the truth is brought out then begins the fight. Happiness is one for all. For that single star that begins to fall. Many changes will occur, just like a blur.

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Out of everyone on this blog Phaze is the one with the least character development and it is mostly my fault despite him being the 2nd character introduced on this blog.

He can be described at first is the typical zorua personality, mischievous and a prankster..and curious. And that’s what he was, and that is what he still is.

However he is still a child and is learning many things in life.

A quick search through his character tag has his personality still forming. 

A new character will be introduced soon, and I think that will finally get him going on the rights track.

A special post to him learning his first move! And another one to leearning some.. special words including a little snort.

The bae

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Ohh boy.

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askno683 answered your post: “Okay so my friend gave me an idea, since my plot is big and I…”:
Flare maybe? since she’s the main? :o

Flare. Oh man.. She out of everyone here.. I would say I’ve done well with her.

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Amber: Cock blocked you!

Amber: Oh this is terrible! The whole reason you two were alone together was to-

Flare: A-Amber please!

Amber: Were you guys up all night? oH MY GOD YOU GUYS WERE UP ALL NIGHT

Flare: L-Let’s just find our lanterns!





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