When memories return you will finally be able to see the light. When the truth is brought out then begins the fight. Happiness is one for all. For that single star that begins to fall. Many changes will occur, just like a blur.

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5. Kiss on the ear

12. A kiss on the hand

Crystal: … I…I did what I had to do.

And even then…

I still ended up with her gone.

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Amber had took quick notice of the others presence, and tensed up immediately. She then started to noticeably growl loudly at the other. 

A Braxien. A Braxien.. A Braixen…! 

She wanted to attack the other then, and there. But.. the Braxien was too different. Much too different.

It was shiny, It was male, and it appeared to be talking.

Once she caught on to what the other was saying she glared at the other. The intense desire to hurt, was ever so strong.

Who did he think he was?! Judging her like that!

But she listened. She surprisingly listened to what the other was saying.

And she only glared more. 

The other was right. This.. Braxien was right.

She knew this. Of course she did. 

She… hurt Ren. And… she may hurt someone else.

She then turned around and bolted away, not wanting to hear anymore of that cruel fact.

I… I need a mentor…!


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